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Making your school of choice more affordable

Deadline: July 1, 2020!

IMPORTANT NOTE: After submitting your child's scholarship application an automated copy will be sent to the email listed on the application. All supporting documents must be uploaded along with the application. You will be notified by email once your 20/21 application has been processed. Please do not contact us to see if your application has been received or processed prior to August 30th.  Thank you for your support.



Through individuals and corporations who are given the opportunity to redirect their state tax liabilities towards education, STO4KIDZ in-turn utilizes these tax contributions to provide scholarships for qualifying private school students in Arizona. Enabling families to enroll their children at their school of choice which best meets the needs of each individual child.


Please read the outline below prior to starting your application.  You would need to have income verification and applicable form(s) filled out and ready to upload during the application process and complete the entire form for your student to be eligible for scholarship awards.


Required documentation for your student application:

  • CURRENT Income verification such as a copy of your tax return, 1099, W2, or approved DES, or USDA free/reduced meal, rental, or pension income, OR 2 current consecutive Pay stubs, (if submitting Pay stubs, you MUST also submit 2 current consecutive bank statements).
  • One application per school year for each student for all four types of scholarship awards: (Individual Original & Switcher, Corporate Low Income & Disabled/ Displaced)
  • Public /Charter school attendance verification (If applicable),
  • Prior Corporate/Switcher/Original award verification from other STOs (If applicable),
  • Copy of the Arizona military order (If applicable),
  • IEP/MET document (If applicable),
  • Displaced (foster child) student verification and release form. (If applicable)
  • You would need to have the applicable form(s) filled out and ready to upload during the application process and complete the entire form for your student to be eligible for scholarship awards.

NOTE: Application submitted without verification of income AND applicable supporting documents will NOT be considered for scholarship awards.

STO4KIDZ MUST verify your student's enrollment and tuition balance with your private school. (Tuition balance after any discount or school-scholarship has been applied to your student's account) You MUST give permission to your child's school to release tuition balance information to STO4KIDZ. Submitting your application is your acknowledgment.  Contact us if you need help or have questions.

SCHOLARSHIP  APPLICATION  TIMELINES  FOR  EACH  SEMESTER.  (Online application will close after each timeline)

  1. May 1 - July 1  AND
  2. November 1 - December 1


  • Contributions/ Donations are accepted throughout the year.  Minimum ninety percent of funds received by the 15th of each month are awarded as scholarships at the end of the same month (Beginning August 30 - April 30 of each school year).
  • All K-12 students can be recommended by Individual donors.
  • Individual Original & Switcher awards: Monthly, 
  • Corporate Low-Income & Disabled/Displaced awards: Twice a Year, , August 30, & December 21. (December date may vary each year)

You will receive an email each time your student(s) is awarded a scholarship.



The application is now closed.