Private Eduction Is Possible With STO4KIDZ

Families, simplify your financial aid process with an All-In-One application! One application = Consideration for all 4 types of STO awards we offer to students.

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Collective work. Little pupils are all busy writing in their copybooks.

Application Windows For Each Academic Year:

April 15 - June 1, OR
November 1 - December 1

How to Apply


ESA & STO: Everything You Need to Know!

Your Steps to Success

  • 1


    Submit your online application for each student per school year between April 15-June 1, OR November 1-December 1.

    Each application is valid for the entire school year for all 4 STO award types and must be renewed annually. One complete application considers your child for all four types of tuition awards if eligible: (Individual Original, Switcher, Corporate Low Income, and Corporate Disabled/Displaced.)

    Required Documents:

    NOTE: An incomplete application will not be reviewed for tuition aid award.

  • 2

    Educate yourself

    Participate in our Tuition Tax Credit workshops to gain knowledge and skills for ensuring your child's continued enrollment in the school of your choice.

    You might win a prize for your student!  Read more and RSVP

  • 3

    Have your success tools ready

    STO4KIDZ provides a variety of complimentary resources and tools to assist you in obtaining tax credit recommendations for your child(ren) with success.

    Review the following available free resources:


  • 4

    Share The News

    Parents/guardians play a key role in raising contributions. Share the materials and resources to help. Ready. Set. Go!

What next?

After submitting your application, an automated copy will be sent to the email listed on the application.

If you need to update your information, please email . Please do not submit multiple copies of your student’s application. Applications expire on May 31st of each school year.

Email all application-related communications to .

Application is not a guarantee for STO awards. However, we work diligently to assist every applicant.

Incomplete applications will NOT be considered for award.

Have all documents ready to upload before starting your application.

Please note that STO4KIDZ must verify your student’s enrollment and tuition balance with your private school. If your child receives a tuition discount from the school, list the tuition amount due after the discount has been applied to your child’s annual tuition fee. You must permit your child’s school to release tuition balance information to STO4KIDZ. Submitting your application is your acknowledgment.

You will be notified by email every time your student receives a tuition award from STO4KIDZ.

Please do not contact us to see if your application has been received and/or processed before August 30th. Thank you for your support. (An automated copy will be sent to the email listed on the application.

Supporting Documents

Public/Charter School Attendance Verification

NEW - Student Transfer Verification

Past STO Award Verification

Displaced Student Verification

Application FAQ (Printable)

Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre La Aplicación

Additional documents may be required


Social Security benefit statements

Welfare benefit statements (DES)

Retirement benefit statements

Proof of child support or alimony

If household income has changed, you must also upload the last two (2) most recent consecutive pay-stubs for all income earners in the household

If applicable: rental income, pension income, or additional income

If necessary, you may upload a letter further explaining your financial situation


Public/charter school attendance verification

Prior STO award(S) verification

Displaced student (foster child) verification form

NEW! Student transfer verification along with supporting documentation (ie. students who home-schooled directly before attending an AZ private school, OR students who canceled their ESA accounts, OR students who moved to AZ before enrolling into a qualified private school)

Copy of the Arizona military order

Copy of IEP/MET document

After you have submitted your student application, a copy will be forwarded to the email address specified in the application.

Must upload ALL required documents at the time of submitting the application. 

Please do not contact us regarding the status of your child's application before August 30th.


Thank you for your cooperation.

STO4KIDZ Awards Timelines:

  • Individual Recommended awards (Original and Switcher) are distributed monthly beginning August 31st through April 30th of each school year.

  • Corporate Low-Income and Disabled/Displaced awards are distributed twice a year (at the beginning of each semester, pending funds availability)

Application Timelines For Each Academic Year:

April 15-June 1 OR  November 1-December 1


Please note:

  • To ensure that you receive our email communications without any difficulty, kindly add & to your safe sender list.

  • An email notification will be sent to you every time your student is awarded tuition assistance and the corresponding funds are disbursed to the school.

Read the checklist before beginning your student's application:

  • My student has enrolled full-time / the application is in process at an Arizona private school.
  • I have my 2022 Federal tax return 1040 Pages 1 & 2 (sample), Schedule C (sample), and Schedule E (sample) ready to upload.
  • Suppose you Do not file taxes, Then, you MUST upload verification of supplemental income (see required documents).
  • If Applicable, I have the following documents ready to upload:
    Select the link below for the applicable supporting document(s), complete and upload at the time of submitting this application:

Need more information? We’re here to help. Try our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

2023/24 Application Opens on April 15.

We’re here to help.

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STO4KIDZ is a School Tuition Organization (STO) which falls under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We provide scholarships to qualifying students attending qualified private schools in Arizona through tax credit contributions made by individuals and corporations. STO4KIDZ is certified by the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) to be in compliance with the Private School Tuition Tax Credit Requirements.

1) Submit your online application for each student per school year between April 15 - June 1, OR November 1 - December 1.

Each application is valid for the entire school year for all 4 award types and must be renewed annually. Parents/guardians must create an account first and submit one application per school year per student. One application considers your child for all four types of scholarship awards: Individual Original, Switcher, Corporate Low Income, and Corporate Disabled/Displaced.

2. Begin the enrollment process with the private school of choice. Your student must either be attending a private school or the enrollment is in process.

All students can be recommended by donors for the Individual Original Tax Credit. STO4KIDZ awards a minimum 90% of every dollar in scholarship, MONTHLY.

Online application windows are:

  1. April 15– June 1  OR
  2. November 1 – December 1

Must apply for each student once per school year. The application is good for each school academic year and it expires at the end of each school year.