We aspire to provide School Choice available to Arizona families.

STO4KIDZ partners with Arizona private schools to provide tuition tax credit financial aids to students and encourage outreach within communities.

We work with private school administrators to establish a relationship that benefits both the students and the schools they attend.

Our goal is to support students by applying tax credit awards to tuition at a private school of their choosing. We encourage the cooperation of private schools and their administrations to help more students with tuition assistance.

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Why Partner With Us?

  • Additional Funding: Contributions to STO4KIDZ with no recommendation are dispersed to applicants of our Partner Schools.

  • School Support: We support your school’s fundraising beyond financial aid awards by sponsoring events at your school.

  • Annual Mailing Campaign: We help you generate tuition funds for your school by coordinating an annual mailing campaign. We pay all the expenses. Contact our office to learn more.

  • Parent Workshops: We provide continuous weekly online workshops for both applicants and donors, focusing on optimizing tax credit contributions. Additionally, we offer exclusive STO presentations and interactive workshops for your school families to help ensure the continued enrollment of their students. Attendees also have a chance to win tutoring prizes from Sylvan Learning Centers.  Visit our Events page for details.

  • Customer Service:  We offer the support you need. With availability M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., we answer your phone calls and emails promptly. and keep you updated with important STO news via our monthly email newsletters.

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Student Application Timeline:

One application per student for each school year, only.

  • April 18th - June 1st  (OR)
  • November 1st - December 1st

STO4KIDZ awards all 4 types of tuition awards: One application per student each school year is sufficient for all award types. Individual Original & Switcher, Corporate Low-Income (LI), Corporate Disabled/Displaced (DD).

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STO Award Timelines & Guideline:

  • STO4KIDZ is solely responsible for STO awards; statutory requirements pertain to STOs, not schools. While schools may suggest scholarship candidates, STO4KIDZ makes the final selection.

  • Contributions are accepted throughout the year. At least 90% of funds received by the 15th of each month are processed and awarded as tuition aid at the end of the same month.

  • Individual Original & Switcher & Charitable donations: Monthly award (August 31st - April 30th)

  • Corporate Low-Income (LI) & Disabled/Displaced (DD): Twice a year awards (September & January, pending funds availability for your school.)


Our Partner Schools' Obligations:

  • Submit an Online School Agreement below

  • Add STO4KIDZ to your website under your STO list

  • Add our brochures to your display

  • Allow us the opportunity to meet with your school families and engage in your community

  • Add us to your mailing list

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