Scholarship for Arantza Rivera Vilchis!

Vilchis, Arantza-pcp

Hello friends,

Arantza enjoys attending Phoenix Christian Preparatory (PCP) and has made new friends and discovered the joy of learning about God. She's excited about picking up the piano and enjoys playing tennis at school. We've noticed a positive change in her attitude since joining PCP, and as parents, we want to keep her in this school

In ways to lower her tuition fees, we've learned about the AZ tax credit program; if you didn't already know Arizona gives you the choice of how your taxes are used. You can allocate state income tax dollars to create scholarships for kids like ours in private schools at no net cost to you. This is not a donation, but it's income taxes that we all have to pay anyhow. Feel free to watch the video at the bottom of this page which explains how this works. Would you consider redirecting yoru taxes towrds her tution?


Two Opportunities to Contribute and Make a Difference

Maximum tax credit allowed OR your actual tax liabilities

2023 Tax Year

$2,609.00 - Filing Jointly/ Married
$1,307.00 - Filing Singly

2024 Tax Year

$2,910.00 - Filing Jointly/ Married
$1,459.00 - Filing Singly

You get 100% of it back as a credit; your Arizona tax liability is reduced dollar-for-dollar when you contribute to a school tuition organization like STO4KIDZ that in turn gives tuition scholarships to kids like ours in AZ private schools. This will have a huge impact on our ability to send Arantza to Phoenix Christian Preparatory (PCP) We redirect my taxes to another student since the state won't allow parents to allocate their taxes to one's own children. I'd be grateful if you consider redirecting yours to help lower Arantza's tuition.

For your convenience, here is a step-by-step guide and the donor form. Please list Arantza Rivera Vilchis at Phoenix Christian Preparatory. STO4KIDZ will email you a receipt for your taxes with instruction on how to claim your dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

With greatful heart,