Are homeschool students and students who just moved to Arizona eligible for a tuition award(s)?

Out of State Student:

“Out of state” refers to both US and international students.

To meet the out of state prerequisite for the "Switcher" tuition award the student must enroll directly into a qualified private school.  However, there is no requirement for the student to be previously enrolled in an out of state public school, private school or homeschool.

If they enroll in an Arizona public school or choose to homeschool in Arizona before attending a qualified private school, the student does not meet the out of state prerequisite Switcher awards, but can be eligible for the "Original, Corporate Low-Income (LI) or Disabled/Displaced (DD) awards.

For verification, we require a copy of the student’s school enrollment/withdrawal from the previous out of state school.


Previously Homeschooled Students:

The student must have been homeschooled prior to enrolling in a qualified private school.

Students who complete a school year through homeschooling will be eligible for the "Switcher" tuition award for the upcoming academic year.  Additionally, students who switch directly from homeschooling to an eligible private school within the same academic year are also eligible for the same  award.

If a student enrolls in public school between homeschool and private school, they do not meet the homeschool prerequisite.  For verification, we require a copy of the student’s applicable county homeschool withdrawal form/discontinuation form.

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