Scholarship LeadAZ Private School Students!

Dear Friends of LeadAZ Private School

LSA is comprised of researchers, educators, and consultants. Since 2013, we’ve been developing tools and processes to improve the delivery of educational services. We use an industry-proven professional development model to support students, parents, teachers, and professional organizations.

LSA’s leadership model is based on 28 years of business management research which commenced at US News’ Most Innovative University, Arizona State. This model has been developed through 2,000+ global projects valued at over $6.6 Billion. LSA has adjusted this model for teens, parents, and teachers. We have supported over 2,400 students since 2013. (Read more here)


At no net cost to You or Your business and a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, we invite you to support LeadAZ Private School Students with your tax dollars. Your contribution will have a huge impact on the family's ability to send these precious children to a school that best meets each child's unique needs.


The net cost to you is ZERO, but the benefit is PRICELESS to our students! Everyone wins!  You get 100% of your contribution back as a tax credit; your Arizona tax is reduced dollar-for-dollar when you contribute to STO4KIDZ, which in turn provides scholarships to LeadAZ Private School Students.


Two (2) opportunities for you to redirect your taxes and make a difference!


1) Personal Tax Credit:

Make your personal tax credit contribution here, and recommend "LeadAZ Private School". (Instructions here.)

STO4KIDZ will email you a receipt for your taxes. This is not a donation, but it's income taxes that we all have to pay anyhow, even if you plan to file for an extension, as long as you contribute by April 15 of each year, (or the designated date set by IRS) you can take the tax credit. (ARS 43-1089) & (ARS 43-1089.03)


2) Corporate Tax Credit:

* Read the Corporate Tax CreditFact Sheet and/or visit our STO4KIDZ website for detail.

* Submit your Non-Binding Pledge Form.

Eligible corporations are: C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC that pay taxes as S-Corp, or Insurance company that pays Arizona income taxes on premiums can take the tax credit and allocate taxes towards education.

Arizona Corporate Tax Credit Program allows eligible businesses with an Arizona tax liability to allocate up to 100% of their taxes by contributing to a qualified STO (School Tuition Organization 4 Kidz) AKA STO4KIDZ, and receive a dollar-for-dollar Tax Credit, at No-out-of-pocket-cost to participants. The company does not have to be based in Arizona, provided it pays Arizona tax liability. (A.R.S. 43-1183 & A.R.S. 43-1184)


Please watch the short videos at the end of this letter that explains how each program works.  You may also visit our FAQ page for more information.


Thank you very much for your consideration.

LeadAZ Private School:  480. 779. 8592 

STO4KIDZ: 602.698.8855.