Scholarships for Eva & Mateo Berastegui!


Dear friends and family,


Oh how far we’ve come! Eva is a junior this year at Xavier College Prep, she has been working very hard to maintain a high GPA and still finds time to participate in her school’s ambassador program and student council.  She also has a part-time job on the side! This year we started touring colleges in the southeastern part of the US, Eva has high aspirations to attend an out-of-state school and has always been very fond of the south. She will take the ACT and SAT tests this spring and summer and big decisions will be made as to her top college choices before the holidays next year. Eva has great friends at Xavier, they are a great group of girls that love traveling and hanging out together. One more year to go of high school, we’re so excited for her.


Mateo is halfway through his freshman year at Brophy college Prep, which is the all-boys school adjacent to Eva’s campus. It works out perfectly that they get to ride to and from school together! Mateo continues advancing in the Boy Scout ranks – he is currently working on his eagle project which is the final tier of the scouting ranks. Mateo still loves his two main sports, baseball and golf. He will try out for the Brophy baseball team this spring while playing golf as often as possible. Mateo plays in roughly 20 golf tournaments a year and continues to lower his score, he is hyper-focused on lowering his handicap. Mateo continues to make new friends in high school while still being loyal to some of his friends he made in elementary school! He is a very outgoing and sociable young man, we are thankful that our kids are so close and get along so well.


In search of ways to lower our kid's tuition, we learned about the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program at no net-cost to participants.  We redirect our own personal and business taxes to help other families lower their kids' tuition, since we can not do this for our own children, and would really appreciate it if you would redirect a portion of your taxes toward Eva and Mateo's tuition. You get 100% of it back as a credit; your Arizona tax liability is reduced dollar–for–dollar when you contribute to a school tuition organization (STO). We have chosen to work with STO4KIDZ.ORGThis is not a donation, it’s income taxes that we all must pay anyway.  Also, there’s a difference between the charter school and private-school tax contributions, you can do both. You can watch the video at the bottom of this page for a better explanation.


Your contribution will have a huge impact on our ability to send Eva and Mateo to these great schools. We're reaching out to you because you’re a good friend of ours and have seen our kids growing up as wonderful young teen adults they are becoming.


You can redirect your Arizona income tax liability, even if you plan to file for an extension, so long you contribute by April 15 you receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.  You can contribute online here or print and fill out the form here and mail it in with a check. STO4KIDZ will email you a receipt for your taxes.


Please call us with any questions, or speak directly with our friends at STO4KIDZ - 602.698.8855.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Barb 602.690.7685

Miguel 602.770.0655