o   Understanding The AZ Tax Credit: Facts, Details, And Benefits For Donors.

o   Providing Applicants With Information On Cost-Free Resources For Achieving Reduced Student Tuition.

o   Explaining The STO Program In A Clear And Simple Way.

o   Exploring Diverse Financial Aid Options.

o   How To Encourage Others To Channel Their Income Tax Obligations Toward Reducing Your Child’s Tuition Fees.

o   Guidance On Actions And Timing For Maximum Impact.


EXTRA! Every time you participate in our workshops, your student’s name will be included in a draw for a chance to win a prize.

PRIZE: Complement of Sylvan Learning Center

o   FREE Full-length SAT/ACT practice test and consultation to review the result ($200 value) OR

o   FREE One week of Sylvan Math Edge ($220 value)


You must register and attend the session for your student’s name to be entered into the drawing.

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