I would like to take this time and thank you for your generous award to my schooling. Without you, I would not have been able to afford my school of choice. By awarding me scholarships you have lightened the financial burden on my mother and myself. This is going to allow me to focus on more important aspects of the school, such as learning. Again, thank you for supporting my education and allowing me to finish my first year of high school, Hopefully, one day I would be able to do the same for another student. Thank you, K.C.

Jason & Beth Geck

We didn't think private school was an option for our family until we learned about the Arizona tuition tax credit program and STO4KIDZ. Miriam, from the beginning, walked alongside us encouraging, guiding, and praying. She was eager to help whenever we had questions. Our teenagers are now in an environment that reinforces the path we have set forth at home. The impact of this move to private education has increased our kids' confidence and has enabled them to excel academically, athletically, and socially. We are so thankful for the passion and mission of STO4KIDZ.

Richard & Janette BaranskiRichard & Janette Baranski

My daughter has flourished in all aspects of life and I place a great amount of her accomplishments on having the privilege to attend and be part of our school of choice. Attending a private Christian school was something so important to us but we were not financially in a position for this to happen. With the tremendous amount of support, guidance, and love-filled deep passion, Miriam Antolik made this possible for us. She taught us more than just how to apply for scholarship contributions, she put her heart and soul into making sure we got all the help needed so that our daughter could attend the school we desired for her. She attended PVCP since PK, graduating as Valedictorian. She has become the amazing woman she is today and a huge part of it is because of the dedication Miriam gave us to make sure we could afford the education we desired for our child. We recommend STO4KIDZ to anyone seeking financial help in allowing their child the opportunity for a private education.

Damir SabanovicDamir Sabanovic

My children have been attending the private school of our choice since pre-kindergarten. The private school is expensive, but it was not an issue until two years ago when my business took a hit and our income reduced tremendously. I met Miriam Antolik at one of the tuition tax credit sessions, her personal testimony gave me hope to keep my children at their school by reaching out to people I know to redirect their taxes towards my children's tuition.  Miriam helped me write the "ask" letter and showed me simple steps to make sure I was successful in my efforts.  Last year my children received corporate tax credit scholarships and this year they also received many individual tax credit recommendations from people that I had reached out to. I cannot thank Miriam enough for coming along my side and helping me keep my children at their school and receive scholarships.  There is hope for having your children in the school of your choice and keeping it affordable through the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program.

Bell familyBell family

Miriam, we are so thankful for all your work in helping us make a private education for our girls possible. As new parents, we didn’t fully grasp the effort and responsibility involved in providing the kind of school we wanted for our kids. As they’ve aged and as we’ve grown as parents, we’ve become increasingly committed to private education. Crazily, we’ve been hit by a number of family tragedies. In June 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Though I'm in remission, we've never fully recovered financially. Additionally - and INSANELY - I had a benign brain tumor in early 2018 that resulted in brain surgery. How do we provide for our children under such circumstances? I can honestly say that you have helped us find peace and experience grace in very trying times.

Kelly YoungKelly Young

My name is Kelly Young. I have known Miriam Antolik for close to 10 years. I divorced a year after our friendship. I was a stay-at-home mom, and soon after started working part-time in my current career. 2017/2018 was the 1st year I participated in the tuition tax credit program. Miriam was my angel; she not only took every phone call, and answered every email quickly, but also met me in person and helped me write my “ask” letter. I stepped out in faith, prayed, and humbled my pride. God provided me help to gain support for my daughter’s tuition needs. Miriam was my go-to…she gave me encouragement to talk to everyone I know about tuition tax credit. I am very thankful that I have someone like her fighting with me to keep my daughter in the school of my choice. Tears fall down my eyes as I write telling you how fortunate you will be joining with Miriam and STOKIDZ.ORG. She is the real deal…

Ryan LarsonRyan Larson

I have known Miriam Antolik for over 10 years since my children started school. During this time, she has not only become a faithful and trustworthy friend, but a knowledgeable and hard-working resource who has always made time to help my family prepare and acquire AZ tax credits and scholarships. Without her experience, encouragement, and hands-on support, I honestly don’t think my children would have been able to continuously attend the private school as they have. Her efforts have contributed immensely to their ability to stay at their school, as well as the tremendous personal growth and success they’ve had as a result. Miriam is a woman of true integrity and an advocate for school choice. She understands the desires many families have for enrolling their children at a private school and financial challenges they face and the process to acquire. The Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program can be overwhelming and may seem impossible at first. Many times, I personally faced these obstacles and fears, but Miriam was there to help. She shows up with a big smile, full of faith, love, and determination and doesn’t allow fear to have a chance. Not only has she persevered to help me and many other families, but she has also been able to successfully send her own three children through private schooling as a widow and single mother on a very tight budget. She has a special gift to encourage and help others in this area, and it is evident that God uses her in a special way to inspire others to trust Him and to have hope that we can overcome no matter what mountain is in our path. I can think of no better partner to have on your side when it comes to finding a way to afford private Christian schooling. I know that she will continue to bless many others with her time and talents as she is a difference-maker in God’s Kingdom.

Dave MyerDave Myer

With the state of the public-school system today, having a choice for what is best for your child is so important. Miriam, with her passion for kids and families, helped give us that choice. She helped educate us on our options and personally walked us step-by-step through the process. Our daughter was bullied to the point that she went from loving school and getting awards to hating the thought of going to school each day. School of choice for our daughter has been an answer to prayer. Due to my health challenges I never would have thought private schooling could even be an option. It has been such a joy to watch our daughter come back to life.

Tom & Rachel WhiteTom & Rachel White

Miriam has been an amazing resource for our family! She came along our side as we navigated the School Tuition Program process and encouraged our family along the way. Her love and passion for helping families is apparent in everything she does. We highly recommend Miriam and STO4KIDZ.

Adrien & Susan RomeroAdrien & Susan Romero

Miriam made it possible for my children to attend a private Christian school in Arizona. Beginning in 2011, she advised, encouraged, and supported our family’s efforts to gather enough support from donors to provide tuition funds for both of our sons. She has continued to support us year after year in this process. We are so excited she has taken the next step in directing an STO to help countless families with her expertise and integrity. We highly recommend STO4KIDZ as your one-stop scholarship source.