Scholarship for Oliver Morgan!

Morgan, Oliver-leadaz

Hello friends,

Taxes are almost due, and if you didn't know already, Arizona gives you the choice on how your taxes are used. You can allocate state income tax dollars to create scholarships for kids like ours in private schools at no cost to you. This is not a donation, but it's income taxes that we all have to pay anyhow. Feel free to watch the video at the bottom of the page which explains how this works.

You get 100% of it back as a credit; your Arizona tax liability is reduced dollar-for-dollar when you contribute to a school tuition organization like STO4KIDZ. This will have a huge impact on our ability to send our child to a great school! Would you consider redirecting your taxes to our school?

The net cost to you is ZERO, but the benefit to Oliver is PRICELESS! Everyone really does win! You can contribute here anytime through April 15 or the new IRS deadline even if you plan to file for an extension. STO4KIDZ will email you a receipt for your taxes.

If you have any questions, you can email me at or speak directly with the very helpful staff at STO4KIDZ.

Thank you so much for your consideration,