Charitable Donation

No matter where you are, you can support a child’s education!

  • You can recommend a student or a school when making your donation.
  • We apply the funds in form of scholarships to student(s) at a private school of your choice.
  • All donations are 100% Tax Deductible. STO4KIDZ is a tax-exempt charitable organization pursuant to federal law, Section 501(c)(3). Federal I.D. Number 82-4886421.


Better education and training fuel innovation, investment and economic diversification. Providing expanded access to high-quality education not only expand economic opportunity but will also likely do more to strengthen the overall economy than anything else and it is our obligation to provide the educational environments that best meet the need of every child so they can thrive and succeed.

Minimum ninety percent of every donation is awarded in scholarships, monthly.
Thank you for your donation.

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