Thank you for submitting your student's application with STO4KIDZ.  Please check your email for a copy of your student's application.


Please Note:

Information regarding student's application or tuition award will not be available until August of this year.  STO4KIDZ will notify you via email once the award decision has been made.

  • Applications are not a guarantee for tuition financial aid or need-based scholarship.
    However, we work diligently to assist every applicant.
  • Applications submitted without the required supporting documents (if applicable) will NOT be considered for awards:
    - Verification of Income
    - Past STO Award Verification
    - Public or Charter School Attendance Verification
    - IEP or MET
    - Displaced Student Verification

** It is your responsibility to email, any missing required documentations within 24-hour of submitting your student's application.

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