Josephine & Gabrielle Jacobs

Jacobs, Josie + Gabby-1

Hello friends and family,


We are thrilled that Josephine and Gabrielle will be attending Xavier College Preparatory in the fall! They both have attended Catholic Schools since Kindergarten and are excited for the opportunities ahead.


Josie is a former competitive gymnast as well as a current club volleyball player and is looking forward to playing school volleyball.


Gabby is a former club volleyball player and former competitive swimmer.  She is currently studying dance and is looking forward to high school.


With taxes almost due, if didn't know already, Arizona gives you the choice of how your taxes are used. You can allocate state income tax dollars to create tuition funds for kids like ours in private schools at no cost to you.


This is not a donation, but it's income taxes that we all have to pay anyhow. Please take time to watch a short video at the end of the page which explains this dollar-for-dollar tax credit program.


The net cost to you is ZERO, but the benefit to Josie and Gabby is PRICELESS!


Everyone really does win.  Your contribution will have a huge impact on their education at this amazing school. You can redirect your Arizona income tax liability, even if you plan to file for an extension, as long as you contribute by April 18th (the new deadline for filing 2021 taxes).  You can contribute online here, or print and fill out the form here and mail it in.  STO4KIDZ will email you a receipt for your taxes.


Note: If you're a non-Arizona resident and would like to make a charitable donation to help us lower their tuition, you can donate here.  STO4KIDZ is a 501(c)3, non-profit charitable organization, and your donation is 100% tax-deductible.


Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please call either of us with any questions or you can call the STO4KIDZ team at 602.698.8855.


Warm regards,

Geoff & Kerrie, and on behalf of Josie & Gabby!

Geoff Jacobs 480.546.7910

Kerrie Addante-Jacobs 602.790.5109