Scholarship for Carlin, Channing & Brynn!


Dear friends and family,


We are so grateful for YOU! Please take a few minutes to read our update since returning from Taiwan.


David is currently working as an English Teacher at Casa Grade High School and me (EveElise) working at Scottsdale Christian Academy (SCA) as the 4th and 5th grade Language Arts resource teacher.  We are grateful for being back in the classroom this year in AZ and to see our three children thriving in their new school at SCA.  After homeschooling them for a few years, and then living in Taiwan, we didn't know for sure how they would adjust to being back in a physical school and having a structured schedule, but instead, they all get up early every morning champing at the bit to get there as soon as possible.


Carlin has been playing school varsity football this season and has even seen some playing time which is pretty amazing for a freshman.  He also thrives on being part of the team's camaraderie.  It has given him the incentive he needs to make sure that he keeps up on his studies.  His mother and I have been a little blown away at his self-determination and self-discipline.  In short, we don't have to ask him how he's doing.  He proactively shows us his grades.  We never taught him to do that.  It's pretty cool!


Channing is in the 8th grade. He has always been self-motivated and responsible in his studies.  He's currently taking two honors classes, by choice, in English and History.  (His parents never had taken an honors class in their entire lives, and he's taking two in the 8th grade.)  He even stepped in and joined the middle school soccer team when they didn't have enough players to field a team.  Channing is also actively involved with the Boy Scouts and is working on his Scout Rank.  Channing is our computer geek too so we go to him for any of our technology questions.


Brynn is in the 5th grade.  She loves to sing and is currently in the 5th-grade choir.  She's also getting needed intervention for reading with an amazing Reading Specialist at the school who has worked wonders.  Brynn is our social butterfly and has already in a few short months made some great friendships! She loves her teachers and especially her homeroom teacher who just earned his doctorate in Education.


We would love to keep our children at SCA, but understandably, tuition costs are quite high.  In search of how to afford private school tuition, we have learned about the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program, which allows taxpayers to redirect a portion of their income tax liabilities towards education at no-out-of-pocket cost to them. You will get 100% of it back as a credit, your Arizona tax liability will be reduced dollar-for-dollar when you contribute to the Scholarship organization that turns tax dollars into scholarships. We have chosen STO4KIDZ.ORG. It's easy to contribute, just click on the link below and be sure to recommend our children as recipients of your allocated tax dollars.


The cost to you is ZERO, but the benefit to our children will be priceless! Everyone really does win!


The Arizona 2020 Tax Credit Maximums is $2,365 if married filing jointly/ & $1,183 if filing single, or your actual tax liability, whichever is less.  You can contribute online here through April 15, 2021, or print and fill out the form here and mail it in with a check. STO4KIDZ will email you a receipt for your taxes.  You can take the tax credit even if you plan to file for an extension, as long as you contribute through April 15th, 2021.


If you are a non-Arizona residence and would like to help us lower our children's tuition, you can donate online here or print the donation form here mail it along with your check to STO4KIDZ. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible because STO4KIDZ is a 501(c)3, non-profit charitable organization.


If you have any questions, please call either of us. Or you can speak directly with the very helpful staff at STO4KIDZ (602-698-8855).

Thank you so much,


The Buskirk Family                                   

David, EveElise, Carlin, Channing, and Brynn