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Making your school of choice more affordable

Through individuals and corporations who are given the opportunity to redirect their state tax liabilities towards education, STO4KIDZ in-turn utilizes these tax contributions to provide scholarships for qualifying students attending qualified private schools in Arizona. Enabling families to send their children to their school of choice which best meet the needs of each individual child.

  • One application per school year for each student for all four types of scholarship awards: (Individual Original & Switcher, Corporate Low Income & Disabled/ Displaced)
  • Families with multiple children MUST apply for each child.
  • One household income information is sufficient for the entire family each school year.
  • Your student must be enrolled, or enrollment is in process at a K-12 private school in Arizona to be considered for scholarship awards.
  • We will contact your school for enrollment and tuition balance verification. You MUST give permission to your student’s school to release tuition balance information to STO4KIDZ.

IMPORTANT: ALL supporting documents MUST accompany application(s) in order to be considered for scholarship award.

Scholarship-Application Timeline:

  • May 1, 2019: Begin accepting applications.
  • April 1, 2020: Last day to apply for the current school year awards.

Scholarship-Award Timeline:

  • Contributions & donations are accepted throughout the year.
  • All K-12 students can be recommended by Individual donors.
  • Individual Original & Switcher awards: Monthly, Beginning August 30, 2019 – April 30, 2020.
  • Corporate LI & DD awards: Twice a year, August 30, 2019 & December 20,2019.

You will receive an email each time your student(s) is awarded a scholarship.

To Do List:

  • Attend Tuition Tax Credit Workshops and a chance to WIN a prize for your student
  • Add these emails to your contact list:   and
  • Contact us with any question: 602.698.8855  or